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The Wingman

You are tired of damaged condoms in your wallet or in your bag? You want to store your condoms in a save an stylish way? Then the Wingman is the perfect gadget for you. The Wingman is a condom case which makes you feel protected again. The Wingman easily fits in his pockets or in her bag. Equipped with space for three condoms you are ready for every situation.

Feel Save


We want to educate awareness.

Too many people are not aware of the danger when putting a condom unprotected in a bag or wallet. We want to reach them and educate them. Protect your Protection!

Sustainable Production

With our approach of sustainable production, we want to ensure that all workers are fairly remunerated and work conditions are raised.

Strategic Partnerships

With every product sold 1 Euro is donated to STD Organisations. With strategic partnerships we further want to support some Organisations.

Stringy Tests

We want our product to be unstoppable tough. That's why we test the Wingman in the most extrem environments.

Our Team


Max Meissnitzer

Chief Engineering Officer

Valentin Perkonigg

Chief Protection Officer


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The Wingman

Standard Version

The originial Aluminium Wingman.

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